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Are you a practicing BC lawyer working as a solo or within a small firm or running a small firm that …

… feels isolated from time to time?

… could use more peers to use as sounding boards, ask for precedents, get tips on marketing, business development, HR management, etc.?

… would like to be a part of a community of friendly, supportive and collegial small firm lawyers?

… receive invitations to attend casual, no dress code, in-person events in Vancouver to kindle new friendships with other people who understand the rigours and rewards of practicing law?

… converse with other law firm business owners who have an abundant mindset, believe that there’s unlimited work out there and that we’re stronger together?

Well, great!

We are four such lawyers – James Struthers of Macushla Law Corporation, Nathan Lidder of Coal Harbour Law, Ashley Syer of Syer Law and Gastown Mediation and Steve Parr of Parr Business Law – and we’ve created BCSOS, a community for small firm BC lawyers to connect.

What is it?

  1. A bustling slack channel. Participate as much or as little as you like.
  1. Casual, in-person events held at member law firms or at restaurants and bars throughout the city.

What’s the cost?


How do I join?

Easy: Join us on Slack here! 

I’m not ready to join … but I’m intrigued

Cool! Subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted on what we’re doing and you can join when you’re ready!


James Struthers

James Struthers

Ashley Syer

Ashley Syer

Nathan Lidder

Nathan Lidder

Steve Parr