Business Formations

Everything You Need To Incorporate Properly

Get Started The Right Way...

The Point

Proper business formation and incorporation will save you major headaches down the road, and protect you against liability.

The Process

  1. We meet. We learn more about your goals, big vision, and growth plan. We’ll talk potential structures and entity choices, and decide the best course of action for your business.
  2. We draft. We’ll put together everything you need to give your business a strong foundation: your certificate of incorporation, bylaws, share purchase agreements, initial resolutions, intellectual property assignment agreements, and everything else.
  3. We communicate. We’ll have another meeting to go over everything we’ve drafted with you and make sure you understand what you’re putting in motion, and why.
  4. We file. We make sure the necessary paperwork is in place, and get you your incorporation number and any other necessary documents

Packages Start At $1200