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Engagement Form

We are pleased that you have decided to retain Parr Business Law (the “Firm”) to provide legal services to you. These legal services will be provided on the terms and conditions set out in this letter (the “Agreement”)

1. Description of Services and Fees

The purpose of this letter is to summarize and confirm the terms of your engagement of us.

You have engaged us to provide the services as specified in the email where you found this link (the “Services”). The timeline for the completion of the Services is also specified in the aforementioned email.

My hourly rate is $325 per hour.

2. Control of File

So long as the Firm complies with this Agreement, the Client acknowledges that the Firm may complete the Agreement in such manner as the Firm sees fit without interference or control by the Client. This includes:

(a) Determining what documents and items the Firm will require, and other items it needs to review in order to effectively complete the matter. This includes contracts, minute books, e-mails, letters, computer data, videos and any other item the Firm deems relevant to the engagement;

(b) Monitoring changes in the law and changes in the circumstances. This also includes determining, in the Firm’s professional judgment, if those changes affect the Agreement and should be communicated to the Client;

(c) The frequency and method (such as by telephone or e-mail) of communications with the Client on the status of the engagement. Additionally, the Client consents to the use of e-mail and electronic communication throughout the Agreement with full understanding that electronic communication is inherently insecure. The Clients will notify the Firm in writing if they do not wish to communicate electronically;

(d) Internally delegating any aspect of the matter to secretaries, assistants or other lawyers within the Firm; and,

(e) Determining how much time will be required to complete the matter for the purpose of calculating the applicable amount of billable.

3. Client Identification and Verification

Please note that prior to receiving or disbursing any funds on your behalf, we are required not only to have obtained all required information set out in the last section of this form, but to also verify your identity as required pursuant to the Rules of the Law Society of British Columbia. Please ensure that all the information set out on the last section of the form is accurate or, if incomplete or inaccurate, please complete or amend prior to signing where indicated.

4. Fees and Responsibility for Payment

You may order me to stop working at any point. GST and PST are applicable to legal fees.

The Firm shall keep records of all time spent on your file and shall render accounts accordingly. Please note that you will be charged GST/PST as applicable, on legal fees and on certain disbursements. Our hourly fee rates may be revised annually, in which case you will be charged our current rates regardless of whether you are notified in advance of any increases.

In addition to our fees for legal services, our accounts will include disbursements incurred by the Firm on your behalf in connection with the provision of legal services, including government filing fees, search charges, agents’ fees, courier charges, and all other reasonable out of pocket expenses.

If an unusual disbursement or expense arises involving substantial cost, we will consult with you before incurring that cost. In situations involving sizeable disbursements, we may ask you to pay them directly or to advance funds to cover them.

Accounts will be rendered periodically as necessary or upon your request, advising in summary form of the nature of the services that have been performed and the disbursements posted to your file.

All accounts are due and payable on receipt.

If an account is not paid within 30 days, we shall be entitled to charge interest on all overdue accounts at the rate of 18% per annum (calculated at 1.5% per month) from the date our account was issued. We reserve the right to suspend work for you in the event our accounts are not paid currently. If our services are suspended, you will be responsible for all fees and disbursements to the date that notice is given.

If for any reason prompt payment is not possible, we ask that you discuss the matter with us in advance so that appropriate payment terms may be arranged.

5. Payment Method

Please note that we do not accept any funds in cash.

Accounts may be paid via credit card, PayPal, interac e-transfer, cheque or wire. Owing to transaction fees, we prefer e-transfer, cheque or wire.

Payment instructions will be included on your invoice sent to you by e-mail.

6. Document Retention

Please note that we retain our client files in storage for a period of six (6) years after the last date of correspondence on file. After this period, we will destroy such client files, unless instructed otherwise in writing by our clients.

7. Limitation of Liability

In any action, claim, loss or damage arising out of this engagement, you agree that our liability, if any, will be several and not joint and several with any other person, and you may only claim against us for our proportionate share of the total liability based on degree of fault. We will not be liable to you, whether a claim be in tort, contract, or otherwise, for any consequential, indirect, lost profit or similar damages relating to our professional services.

8. Termination of Legal Services

You have the right to terminate our services upon providing written notice to us.

We reserve the right to terminate our legal services to you for good reasons which include, but are not limited to:

(a) your failure to cooperate with reasonable requests made by us in order to service your legal needs;

(b) if our continuing to act would be unethical or impractical; and

(c) failure on your part to provide payment of our outstanding accounts when payable.

If you terminate our services or we withdraw from representing you, you will be responsible for payment of our fees and expenses up to the date of such termination or withdrawal.

9. E-mail Delivery

We will provide you with documents via e-mail. You must be aware that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of documents transmitted to you via e-mail. If this is a concern, please advise us.

10. Privacy

The Firm hosts client files and business records on Google Drive. Google Drive uses servers located outside of Canada. You acknowledge that these programs may create some risks for the security of your information.

We look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this engagement agreement or any aspect of the legal services we will be performing on your behalf.

Lastly, please complete and/or amend the information required on the last page of this letter and if you agree with the terms and conditions set out, please sign below in the space provided.

Client Contact Information Verification

We confirm our agreement to engage Parr Business Law to provide the services on the terms set out in this letter. We also confirm the accuracy of the following information which Parr Business Law is required to keep on file:
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