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Probate Fees

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The provinces each have different fee structures.

In British Columbia, the basic fee payable for the grant application is $200.

The basic fee is waived if the value of the estate* does not exceed $25,000. The $25,000 threshold is calculated based on the value of all the property of the deceased situated in British Columbia.

In addition to the basic application fee, the probate fees depend on the value of the estate:

For the first $25,000-$50,000 in value, $6 for each $1,000 (or part of $1,000), plus
For any value over $50,000, $14 for each $1,000 (or part of $1,000).
For Example:

If an estate has a gross value of $214,500, the total fee payable will be:

Basic Fee
Additional Fee
($50000 – $25,000) / $1,000 X $6 $150.00
($215,000 – $50,000) / $1,000 X $14 $2,310.00
Total $2,660.00

*The “value of the estate” means the gross value of
(a) the real and tangible personal property of the deceased situated in British Columbia, and
(b) if the deceased was ordinarily resident or “domiciled” in British Columbia immediately before the date of death, the intangible personal property of the deceased, wherever situated, that passes to the personal representative at the date of death.

The probate fee rate is the rate in effect when the grant is issued, not the rate in effect on the date of death, nor the rate in effect on the date when any additional filing fees are paid.

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