Trademarking & Intellectual Property

Protect Your Brand, Your Products, Your Legacy

For Your Peace Of Mind...

The Point

Trademarks protect your intellectual property – be it your brand, your logo, or your products – from use by other companies.

The Process

  1. We meet. We’ll talk about your word or logo, and determine if it can be trademarked.
  2. We research. We’ll search and analyze government records to assess whether or not you can register your trademark.
  3. We discuss. Not all phrases, logos, or words can be registered. We’ll provide legal analysis and advise you on the likelihood of success of your registration.
  4. We trademark, and file. We’ll file your application, keep you informed of any updates or changes, and shepherd the application through the process. If there are any challenges to your trademark application, we’ll respond and fight on your behalf.

Packages Start From $3000

(Including a formal response to one objection, if necessary. Additional objections are $1000 per).