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Meet Steve Parr

The Short and Sweet Version...
Steve received his law degree from the University of Victoria in 2014 and received multiple awards for being the top student in Property and Contract law and his leadership in student life. He also holds an honours B.A. in Gender Studies.

Steve is passionate about building community and is an executive leader of a large Vancouver’s men’s community focused on “inner work” and personal growth.

Prior to opening his own business, wills and estates practice in 2017, Steve gained broad experience in securities regulation, aboriginal law and environmental litigation.

Steve was called to the bar of the Law Society of British Columbia in 2015.

Steve loves everything outdoors and can frequently be found trail running, hiking, sailing, skiing or jumping in a cold plunge.

How My Advice Can Benefit You

Have trust that your business is making decisions that are all above board...

Whether you’re living the entrepreneur’s dream, or hustling out of your living room all day, every day, you’ve drawn one strong conclusion: getting legal counsel is a necessary evil, not an empowering experience.

We get it: lawyers can be overwhelming (and a little scary). It often seems like we speak our own language. We can cost you big dollars. And let’s face it – a lot of us don’t have the most refined social skills. What’s tragic is that seeing a lawyer could create some huge wins for you: we know our way around an intricate and complex system that’s often the make-or-break factor in your business.

There’s a reason it’s called advocacy.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line a few big law firms forgot to help out the little guy, and a few little guys felt gouged by big law firms. [Lawyers forgot that they are business owners and entrepreneurs as well. Lawyers that they are in a customer service profession]. Before you know it, law and small business are at odds. We’re over it. We’re real people, you’re real people and this is our promise to you:

The Guidance You Need, From Someone You Can Trust, At a Price You Can Afford

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